Surfer SEO is Changing the SEO Content Game (Forever)

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Finally… there’s a way to know if your SEO content is ACTUALLY optimized well.

Surfer (sign up ▶︎ ) just released a brand new “Content Score” metric that is a game-changer.

With this new score, you’ll be able to qualify your keywords, improve your content, and optimize your pages to perfection.

It’s that good.

And in this video, I’ll show you how to use this new SEO Content Score so you can get better rankings and more organic traffic from Google.

Join Surfer today ▶︎ – They are still offering a trial, but this likely won’t be around forever. This SEO tool is growing fast so don’t miss out on this opportunity.


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3️⃣ How to create SEO content ▶︎

*Affiliate Disclaimer: I receive a small commission when you sign up through my affiliate link. As a reminder, I only recommend tools and services that I actually love and use. Surfer is one of those tools.





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11 thoughts on “Surfer SEO is Changing the SEO Content Game (Forever)”

  1. Since you mentioned NLP, I want to get your opinion on something.

    The common thought is to include related keywords so you can rank for any search that uses words or phrases that are semantically similar to words or phrases on your page. However, since Google is smart enough to understand semantic similarities, is it really necessary to use all of those related phrases? Google will already be able to know that a blog post about SEO hacks, for example, is probably relevant to a search for SEO tips and tricks. So why take the time to do so much research to find all those related phrases, when Google is smart enough to connect the dots anyway?

    I don't know the answer to my question. Maybe I'm missing something. But I wanted to get your thoughts on it.

  2. It's very confusing when you see MIND MATTERS at 4th position with Content Score of 37 and DA of 3, while SEARCH ENGINE JOURNAL at 5th position with Content Score of 48 and DA of 8, for the keyword GOOGLE BIAS. Can't rely on this metric.

  3. Another reason why you may not on position 2 for PaperRater is because you are optimizing for the kw "paperrater" and not "paper rater" where the actual Paper Rater company has a space between their name. You will notice the position 2 webpage's title and url include the space between the words. I'd be interested to see what would happen if you added a space in your title.

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