The Best Time to Post On Facebook | Facebook Marketing Tips!

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Ever wonder when is the best time to post on Facebook to reach your audience? Here are some facebook marketing tips that’ll boost your business!
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Should you be posting on Facebook at 5 am or noontime?
Should you be posting at nighttime or in the morning?

The answer I’m going to give you isn’t what you’re expecting.

Hey, everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m going to share with you the best time to post on Facebook.

The reason the answer is not what you’re expecting is that every single person is different, your business is different, your profile page is different, and ideally, you should have a business page.

If you don’t, go create a fan page.

The reason it’s different is your followers are going to be different than my followers and what Facebook provides is a tool called Facebook Insights; it shows you when people are on your fan page.

See most of my customers are based in the United States, yes I have some customers in South America and Europe and different parts of the world, but still, a majority of my income comes from the United States.

Facebook Insights shows me when my audience in on Facebook and when I should be posting.

They break it down based on engagement. If you’re based out of Europe, you’re at least eight hours ahead of me right because I’m based in Pacific Standard time so why would you want to post during the same timezone as me when all of your customers are based in Europe because if you do that your customers are probably going to be asleep.

Now that you know to be using Facebook Insights, the answer isn’t as simple as posting in whatever time frame you see on Facebook Insights because Facebook Insights measures engagement. It’ll tell you what posts are doing well during what time frame when you post them. The only real way to know when you should be posting on Facebook is to test it out. And what I recommend is you first start by scheduling your post to begin at 5 am, 8 am, noon, 2 pm, 4 pm, 8 pm.

Once you see what time frames are doing the best you can then post within an hour of each of those time frames and figure out what’s working the best. Once you have that down, you’ll know what time you should be posting every single day on Facebook.

Keep in mind weekdays are going to be different than weekends, so you need to test this out every single day, usually I found that Monday through Fridays work the same but Saturdays and Sundays work differently than the weekdays and on my Facebook personal profile page, I roughly post during the same time Monday through Friday and I post during the same time for Saturdays and Sundays.

Follow these tips, and you’ll know what time is the best time to post on Facebook.

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22 thoughts on “The Best Time to Post On Facebook | Facebook Marketing Tips!”

  1. Great video Neil…… could you give me some advice please regarding my FB problem below?

    I posted my product in a few groups for the first time last week, the next day a got alot of interest and sold some products. I could not believe it!!! I went a bit nuts and kept posting in more groups, i got some more replies to my post and a few more sales. This was so good for me then it all went down hill very quickly. The replies to my posts slowed down and eventually stopped!!! I waited for a day then posted on only two groups this time but got zero replies, questions and likes. The next day i did the same in another two groups……same results again nothing. What has happened? how can i get no results after what happened at the start?? FB must be blocking my ads in the groups, what do you think? Please help, thanks.

  2. Hi Neil, Please can you help me with two queries? what according to you is the ideal length of a Facebook video? Is sharing the link of my Youtube video effective or should I upload the same video directly to Facebook. Thanks. Cheers, Ruchi

  3. I like this kind of content – short an straight to the point unlike many other Youtuber's contents who are trying to ,,please'' Youtube's algorithm by making artificially longer videos!!! Well Done Neil!!!

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