The DA 64 Backlink You Must Have For Legal Clients!

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15 thoughts on “The DA 64 Backlink You Must Have For Legal Clients!”

  1. Started reading some of the stories about how you do business. I ended up unsubscribing and I imagine others that read it are doing as well. If the claims are false it’d be great if you made a video talking about it. Even if they’re not, I’m curious to hear your side about it. I’d like to continue watching your videos but can’t support watching someone that cheats others of money and treats them as lesser for being from another country. Hope to see something soon

  2. Hi Ruan, Just became a fan recently as I am starting out on my agency journey. Awesome contents I must say. My question is when networking do you tell people you do digital marketing or go go very specific like: I help dentists with digital marketing?

  3. I used to run a small network of legal sites with the sole intention of rep management, funnily enough they also specialized in immigration law offering E-2 and EB-5 visas in CA. Great video man, Att At Law is among a few others on a g sheet that I use for outreach

  4. Ruan awesome video brother! I was wondering when Underground Secrets to SEO will be available? I heard it was being revamped for June 1. I have been doing a lot of On-Page SEO to my Agency Website, but I am uncertain what I should be doing each day, step by step to get it to rank such as Off Page SEO and sending quality backlinks and how I should be doing that whole process along with some other factors. I saw Johnathon's video on how he ranked his website number one for "Georgia SEO" and would love to learn exactly how he did this

  5. Ruan i am getting a few traffic on my website but mot for the main keywords i believe it might be sandboxed as it’s just 4 months old

    I want to change the theme and have a more user friendly theme if i change the theme will i lose that little traffic which is coming ????

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