The Effective Ranking Factor That Google Doesn't Want You to Know About

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If you want to grow your rankings, what do you do?

You build links, optimize your on-page code and you improve your user metrics.

But there is one other metric that is really important that impacts rankings. It’s branded queries.

The more people typing in your domain name and brand the higher your rankings will grow as long as they click on your search listing.

I used to rank on page 2 for “online marketing” and now I rank on page 1 for “online marketing”. The only differences is that I have more brand queries.

Over the years more people have been Google my brand name and this has caused my rankings to spike. But for this to be impactful you need to continually grow your brand.

The way you do this is by consistently blogging, marketing, participating on the social web and growing your name within your community.

If you are unsure of why you need to build a strong brand, think of this scenario. If both BMW and GM both have millions of backlinks, who should Google rank first? A lot has to come down to brand queries as this tells Google which car manufacturer people prefer.

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25 thoughts on “The Effective Ranking Factor That Google Doesn't Want You to Know About”

  1. Neil is saying don't ever forget you live in the real world. Your brand matters.It's like wanting to be famous on Instagram, first try to do something special in the real world and people will naturally search for your name.

  2. Nice, and how important is AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages for Google rankings? Almost all the large publishers like Daily Mail, The Sun, Page Six, Elite Daily, Hollywood Life and Refinery29 are moving on to AMP for mobile. Some say it helps in Better rankings in Google, does it really help in rankings? If yes, How much?

  3. Another great video. Thanks for sharing Neil. Question. I guess in order to trigger those google searches following the Instagram campaign (which probably was paid right?) you have to deactivate your Instagram account, cause otherwise people will probably search you up in Instagram (so no Google involved). Is that so? What if you have a big account in Instagram, Should we try to deactivate for a bit if we want to run something similar?

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