The Video I Send To COLD Prospects To Get New SEO/SMMA Customers

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In the previous videos, I explained a technique used by many SEO’s including Darryl Rosser – In this video I show you how I record these videos and exactly what I say in them to get a response from the client

The video mainstream marketers don’t want you to watch:

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30 thoughts on “The Video I Send To COLD Prospects To Get New SEO/SMMA Customers”

  1. Dude you are the man…..The tips you give are spot on. wish I had discovered you before I sunk money in places I didn't need, but you have put me on the right track now. I'd love to spend an hour with you man picking your brain a bit. Keep up what you do brother!!

  2. Jesus Christ every single other SEO said don't confuse them with details. That's all this is is shit that makes no sense to them. My brain cannot fucking figure out how to get clients, there are too many variables.

  3. Well, your course is closed! Lol, I should've got in way earlier though, so that's my fault. Please let me know when you think it wil be open for new members again, thanks boss!!

    Thank you,


  4. Thanks a lot for your video Ruan. I'm from Chile, what´s your recommendation about the text over the video, which had to be the line?

    I'm taking this technique over my prospect I'm just started.

    Tx for your help.

  5. Another thing you can point out in your video audits is if their google my business is verified and if they have any citations. Maybe point out some more off page SEO which is also important. The on page SEO Ruan mentioned is great and is extremely important for page 1 rankings.

  6. Hey Ruan, great great video, I have a question, are the green SSL padlocks disappearing in 2018? I am working on a clients website an have installed an SSL certificate but my website does not show the padlock, though it migrated from http to https. Thanks for your help!

  7. Thanks for the video Ruan very helpful. Recently a friend told a local cookie company that he works for about me. That I’m just starting out in the digital marketing business. So I was able to get the owners name and email from him he’s expecting me to contact him. I don’t know how to make a video like yours yet. What could I say? I was planning on offering google my business optimization, directory optimization and Facebook ads. I went with those cause I believe from looking at his site he needs. Should I just send something along those lines?

  8. Hey Ruan! Quick Question! Do you ever work and send emails to potential clients outside of where you live? Do you try and work with businesses outside of your state/city?

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