Things to Consider When Building a Website

You have started a business and now you need to get exposure on the internet. Where do you start? Good question. It should not be too hard, right? The key phrase here is, "it should not be." Depending on how tech savvy you are, it can be a very painless process; Egypt painful. Here are some things to keep in mind before you get started on your site.

DIY or Pro?

When building a website, remember you are building a "virtual store front." Make sure the image you portray is the image of your business. When you remodel your home, can you do it yourself or should you hire a professional to create your design? Are you able to spend time finding those do-it-yourself web services and going at it alone or would you rather talk to a local website company, face to face and have them custom build the site for you? It does come down to how much time and money you have and how creative you are. It also comes down to wherever or not you want to be your own warranty. It's all up to you.

Pages in your website

Always have an About Us page. Tell your customers about yourself; what's your story? Be personal yet professional.

A Testimonial page is also a must. It shows your potential customers the quality of your business and the satisfaction of your current clients. When you do get feedback from your clients, add a link to their website (if they have one) and they will be more inclined to give you a testimonial. It gives them more exposure on the internet too!

Photo and video pages will also help your site. Do you have a B & B you're trying to promote? Hire a photographer and add a few 360 Virtual Tours to your site to show off your bedrooms, the main rooms and exterior views of your property. The more photos, videos and 360 Virtual Tours the better!

FAQ pages are a great way to explain more about your business and what you do. If you have an e-commerce site, you can put shipping and handling questions there or your return policy or anything that your potential customers need to know.

Are you associated with any business groups, like the Better Business Bureau or your local Chamber of Commerce? Make sure you have a link to their site and vice versa. This will give you more exposure to clientele you have not considered.

Last but not least, put a newsletter or a blog on your site. You can add news articles that relate to your business or write about your upcoming events. This can help you with what is called Search Engine Optimization. Your site will pop up closer to the top when people are googling topics that pertain to your type of business.

The Bottom Line

Make sure your site is navigable. You do not want to confuse the user with too much to where they become confused and / or frustrated and leave your site! Designing a website is fun and can be easy whether you build it yourself or hire a professional. You will get what you pay for so do all of your research ahead of time before you jump in.

Once again, remember, you are building a virtual store front and inviting customers in. Make sure it reflects the image of your company and you will find your web investment will pay off.

Source by Ryan Martin Phillips

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