Thinking of starting an agency? Watch this now…

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30 thoughts on “Thinking of starting an agency? Watch this now…”

  1. Always great content. I did notice, that, at about the 35 minute mark, you say you are adamantly opposed to outsourcing, and yet, in previous videos, you've gone over the benefits of using SEO Resellers for SEO while marking up their costs. Did you have some sort of episode where this backfired? Also, you had mentioned that you don't offer a course, but isn't yours? I'm not looking to troll here — I really do admire both your knowledge and drive — just looking for clarification.

  2. Hey Ruan, how do you charge for Digital advertising when it is included inside a package? You are already charging for the service, but do you also take a part of the client's advertising budget?

  3. The other day you spoke about investing in your business and adding new employees. I'd love to learn more about your thoughts behind paying employees a salary vs hourly in a digital marketing agency? Also, what are your beliefs/experience with regards to letting employees work from home?

  4. Good day Ruan, you said that an agency should have all services ( website design SEO, social media, PPC, etc) integrated with their system, what if I want to start off with of the services as an agency, let's say i want to be a badass with SEO, would you advise me to start?

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