Top Web Design Trends Of 2018 – Is Your Website Ready?

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The Top Web Design Trends of 2018 are exciting and interesting to learn about. I know for a fact it will make for a very fun year of web design. Among all of the different trends we can expect to see, there is one thing that remains the same, engagement. 2018 is going to be a year full of great design that engages their new visitors. This design engagement will likely increase the amount of activity a website will have. Let’s dive right in and learn my top 7 list of the top web design trends of 2018.

Below are the Top Web Design Trends Heading Into 2018:

1. SVG Images:
-New Wix Code

2. Brighter and More Vibrant Colors:

3. Increased Animation:
-Page Changes
-Scrolling Animations

4. Typography With A Purpose:
-Text that catches a visitor’s attention in 8 seconds or under
-Bold and Vibrant Text

5. The Evolution of A.I.:
-Voice Search on Websites
-Examples of Google Home and Amazon Echo

6. Perfecting Your Mobile Website
-No longer a choice, but a necessity

7. Interactive Storytelling:
-Using text, animations, video, images, custom interactions, audio and more to convey a story to your user in an engaging manner.

Overall: 2018 will make for an extremely fun year of web design. Make sure you take some of these trends and implement them into your own website this year.
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13 thoughts on “Top Web Design Trends Of 2018 – Is Your Website Ready?”

  1. This is really very informative! thanks for sharing Mate. Just wanted to ask your opinion on choosing a website design for a Clinical Research kind of organisations. What type of theme and design one should consider while creating a website for a CRO company.
    Much Appreciated your time.

  2. Great Video! And touching on one of the last point mentioned – mobile websites.
    I love WIX with the drop-builder and every other great feature, but WIX Stores definitely needs some more LOVE.

    While on Mobile, you're only able to view 1 product at the time, which isn't necessary cuz most Smartphones nowadays. are big enough for at least 2 products in a row.
    I'm not sure if you're able to bring feedback straight to the WIX Developers, but if you do, maybe they should take a glimpse at the shop modification options at "squarespace".
    WIX Stores in general needs more love, but especially the mobile version.

    Nevertheless, great video, got my sub!

  3. Thank you for this! This is great! I think what's really Hot right now is the scrolling down the page with smooth transitions between background images – such as you see with the CNN site you used as an example for interactive storytelling or as seen here: – I would LOVE to know how to do this with Wix!! Do you know of any how-to videos out there that explain how to use custom code on wix code for this and also for the mouse over animation?? THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO!!!!!!!!!

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