TUTORIAL: How To Make $100 a Day with FREE SEO Traffic & A Shopify Store

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Learn how to copy Shopify stores that make over $100 a day with FREE SEO traffic.
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►► How To Dropship From Aliexpress: https://youtu.be/2CWrd2gdTIs
►► How To Start A Side Hustle: https://youtu.be/ll8ZoL6mmIc
►► Create A Dropshipping Store: https://youtu.be/Fsq6ohxLQX4


36 thoughts on “TUTORIAL: How To Make $100 a Day with FREE SEO Traffic & A Shopify Store”

  1. Hye Sarah🙋‍♀️ where is your description video? Just like u put in others video..i want to take note from it, bcus i'm not fluent in English. I learn alot mostly from your video.

  2. Hi Sarah, could you please do a video or reply with a brief summary with the pros/consand differences between aliexpress and alibarba?

    Your videos are so helpful, thank you!

  3. Hi Sarah!! I've been reading that aliexpress at some point starts cancelling your dropshipping orders cause it looks to them like fraud when they see you ordering from one location and shipping to different locations.. can you give us some tips on how to avoid this and also how to deal with it in case it happens????

  4. Hello Ted, thanks for your helpful videos, have tried to enter the course but my country is not included in the country list provided on your website, is there any chance to get this course through other channels?

  5. thanks so much for the great content you are delivering everytime. i have a question, i didn't get why you shouldn't add tags to your blog post, and why doing that would cause copyright issues. can you explain more. thanks

  6. Hi, Ted, I just thought of something. Shopify's 14 day free trial is based on the shopify name, not on your account. So you can basically keep creating new trial stores. This isn't a sustainable way to make money of course (you ultimately want to grow a store so you can get that 0.5 transaction fee). BUT knowing you get an infinite number of trials is great for beginners who may be intimidated by that limited trial period. If they know that they can keep trying for free until they figure everything out that would remove a barrier to get started.

  7. Thanks for the excellent SEO lesson. By the way, can you make a video on building up an effective Pinterest business profile for free social media traffic or using Pinterest ads to sell products (for example, selling items from your musician shop)?

  8. Your definitely one of the honest people in this category. Really appreciate your detailed input.
    Wish I could get your advice and opinion on a product of mine because your truthful but that's to much to ask haha. Keep up the great videos.

  9. Great content as always. YOU are the authority on all things shopify. Honestly the only reason I started my ecommerce was due to your videos. Still building content but I am in it for the long haul. Thanks again!!

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