Tutorial Updating Drupal 8, Lesson 5: Core Updates

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Just as modules and themes are updated from time-to-time, Drupal itself has regular updates. The process for updating the Drupal core is different from updating modules and themes.




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21 thoughts on “Tutorial Updating Drupal 8, Lesson 5: Core Updates”

  1. Ok, I have tried this procedure about four times but I end up with my site running but kind of unfolded, and missing side blocks. https://www.dropbox.com/s/v3ddy8ssz53qk0o/drupal8upgrade.jpg?dl=0 I was able to roll back by restoring my backup files, but the last time I also had to restore my database. I am using a site created with Dev Desktop and the Acquia Beginners videos. Should I try this procedure instead?: https://www.drupal.org/docs/8/update/update-procedure-in-drupal-8

  2. Just wondering, is it required to delete & replace those specific folders and files one at a time? I mean, what's the reason behind deleting the "core" directory first, and then "vendor", and then the rest? Can't we simply highlight them all, delete, and then replace them all at once? Thanks

  3. Thanks for doing this. I have a Drupal site that I'm playing around with. I just followed the tutorial and updated Drupal. It was much easier to follow than the tutorial on Drupal.org.

  4. Wondering if OSTraining had any videos to update modules and core versions for Drupal 8 sites hosted at Pantheon.io? Would be helpful. Have learned a lot from your video training series here.

  5. A brilliant set of videos. Clear delivery of the key process for updating, which also make it possible to work out equivalent process if you have a different set up (I am running a local site on devdesktop)

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