Watch Me Sue One Of My Subscribers For STEALING My Content

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33 thoughts on “Watch Me Sue One Of My Subscribers For STEALING My Content”

  1. Most unique video I've seen in a while. I learned a lot. I've never heard of this before. Suing people is part of business, so I'd get as much practice early on as possible. At a certain point, I'd keep an attorney on retainer, and bring one in house soon as I could afford it. I learned this from two of my closest friends who used to work in the digital space for an educational software company. I'd sue them hard… I'd start with a cease & desist letter then press forward from there…

  2. So I know this was a few months ago, but they're still up. It's not identical but they're still ripping off some of your case studies, Ruan. Mosman Well Works was the one I saw. You have to type in the www to get to the site. They don't have the naked domain forwarded to www. Just a heads up. I would have done the same thing you did.

  3. The layout is understandable, because there are only so many combinations out there that look good, before it repeats. But the actual pictures and text content is ridiculous. Not to mention google is not a fan of repeat content.

  4. Absolutely, sue them for all you can. Intellectual property isn't any less valuable than physical property, and stealing it is no less injurious. Way to stand your ground and handle up on those punks! I'm curious to know how it turned out.

  5. But you stole Scorpions 🦂 whole flow yo? Not feeling the exact text they copied but they did what you did? I don’t think Rustin would like that now Ruan?

  6. Leave the video up. Make it clear that if anyone else rips you off there will be a permanent record online. One of my blogs was ripped off by a Russian site that wrapped my RSS feed in ads. To add insult to injury they were using my bandwidth to serve my RSS feed to their visitors. As soon as I added a new post it would mirror to their site! Needless to say I either us RSS feeds that only pull excerpts now or disable it all together. But this looks like an over the the top surgical effort that I’ve never seen before. Be sure to tag your video with all their names. Another trick they do is back date blog posts and tell Google you copied them so your post should be taken down or delisted.

  7. You did right! You are Ruan M.Marinho and it's you who is working hard for the business…don't allow anyone to do that! I think you did it very professional by informing them "kindly" before…Anyway…all your fans know the original develomark and will follow you!

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  9. Oh boy. Ruan, thank you so much for posting this. I'm so glad that you handled that situation appropriately. Most people would not have issued them a warning. I might have done the same. Your content is always helpful and informative. As a web copywriter I know how important it is to protect your work against unimaginative copycats.

  10. I would actually post all the certificates at the top of the site as a deterrent and an authority .
    Nobody ever looks at the footer of the page – except digital marketers 🙄

  11. Ruan — a good follow up would be a video giving some explanation about the copyright label on your website and how to get one, as well as how to implement the robot searchers you used to find this problem.

  12. Yeah these people are fuckin stupid for taking word for word on your website. That is copy right rule #1. Yeah that is fuckin irritating

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