Ways to Keep Your Website Fresh and Updated

One of the worst things a company can have on their website is an outdated design or outdated information. So many times, I have been involved with or have overheard conversations that go like this:

Customer: "It says here that you have a 30% sale on shoes?"

Company: "Oh, that sale ended 2 weeks ago"

Customer: "But it still says on your website that the sale is going on .."

Company: "Yeah, that information is old, we need to remove it."

A website with outdated information or an amateur looking, outdated design from 10 years ago is big turnoff for a potential customer because the company is basically giving the impression that they do not care and that thin level of trust that you work so hard to obtain goes right out the window. You never want to lose customers because of an outdated website design. Here are some ways that you can keep your website design fresh and updated.

Keep all company information updated

Like we mentioned above, there could be several pages which will need updates over the course of a given year. Product lines and services change, prices change, companies change addresses and employees change. Some companies may have news updates that their customers and potential customers would want to be aware of. By making the necessary updates on a consistent basis, this will keep your website fresh and informative to customers. Establish trust and show your customers that you care about your company.

Perform search engine optimization on your website

By performing SEO on your website, you keep your website fresh for users and search engines simultaneously. Try contracting a professional SEO company to perform seo services and website design updates and your site will stay consistently fresh.

Upgrade to a fresh, new website design if necessary

If your website was design as little as 2-3 years ago, it is probably time for a change. Change is tough, but your customers will notice right away if you are stuck in the Stone Age. Website designs and SEO techniques are always evolving, you need to be on top of these techniques or have qualified company at your disposal who is on top.

Put a blog together

Content that is relevant to your customers will keep them coming back to your website. Consistent blog posts shows that you are consistently keeping up with your website and it will reflect in the consistency of your company.

Many companies still do not understand the importance of keeping your website and design fresh and as unique as possible. This already puts you at an advantage because after reading this article, you should understand the reasons why.

Source by John Ferrughelli

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