Web Design Process Pt. 3 – Design (Startup landing page)

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In this 3rd episode in this series (watch p.1 here -https://youtu.be/t70iMPjY4b0), we turn the wireframes of a startup into the final design using sketch. It was a collaborative process together with the client and the illustrator to improve the visual language, color pallet, typography and layout.
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41 thoughts on “Web Design Process Pt. 3 – Design (Startup landing page)”

  1. Thanks for the video, is amazing the amount of info in it.
    I have question for you in terms of the design process with a client. What or How would you act when you encounter with a client that thinks that he or she is the Art Director of the project?.. Like s/he start talking about design like knowing more than you and changing your concept?
    In this case, fortunately your client (Max) respects your design decisions.. but what would had happened if he started saying or talking about design like he knows more than you?… How do you react or what actions do you take?

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your process with us Ran! While watching the beginning of this video, I couldn't help thinking this very collaborative process could have been handled superbly using Figma. Commenting and access to the actual files with one simple url — and FREE!

    Have you played with Figma at all?

    Thanks again.

  3. You create amazing work, the concepts and logic that goes behind why you implement certain design elements is so cool to watch. Really talented man. Also, i'm learning so much. I'm picking web design up as i'm growing at work and I found your vids today, so insightful. I Subscribed, needless to say. Thank you for sharing the knowledge! Thank you for helping the design community. Blessings!

  4. Hey Ran I have noticed that the custom vector illustration thing is proving to be a very popular and trendy feature on a lot of fancy new startup websites lately and I can understand why because it always looks very impressive and awesome to look at. However my question is as someone who wants to land a job as a UI Designer, will I be expected to have the skills to create these graphics from scratch and to this standard, I'm not so confident I could even copy them to be pixel perfect let along come up with my own custom illustrations.

  5. Would be super helpful to make a series of videos on collaboration between you and other artists (illustrators, 3d modelers, photographers, etc). The part where you showed the wireframe with comments for the illustrator was very helpful.

  6. Ran, thanks for an amazing sharing! You've summarized that working together with a client brings to much faster result. I find this rule true to almost all of my work processes. And vice versa, the work process being stuck many times when there's no such a collaboration. I wonder is it my "problem" where I can't kinda work alone bringing the same good and quick result, or should we as designers implement this collaboration work process with all our clients (as long as it possible) in order to get that great and fast result?

  7. I've never seen any YouTuber actually do what you're doing. By recording all their live projects and posting them online for beginners to learn from them. God bless you for the hard works and thank you for what you're doing. It helps us as well. Thanks

  8. Thanks for the process Ran, such a cool idea to just talk about each stage instead of just having a timelapse, so awesome to see how the look of the page became tighter with each iteration. I know these videos take more to get put together than just talking about certain freelancing topics, so really appreciate the effort! ❤️

  9. A client you don't have to chase. 👐🏾🙆🏽‍♀️
    And taking feedback like a champ is something I must learn. Yesterday I was watching a Futur video where Chris Do told one of his mentees they must kill their ego. This just brings it home for me. I must do this moving forward.

  10. Mediocre at best… I mean what is even your skill? Designing websites is not your thing. Dont even code and use webflow instead… Depend on other peoples work, which isnt bad but this .. this channel is so boring because you dont have any usefull skill. Tip for you is learn to code because it will help you know what is possible and whats not on the web and tighten your own web designing skills. Or even learn do your own illustrations. Then maybe this channel can go some where because now is so low content 2018. Sorry just have to say it. Good luck

  11. Looks just incredible. So much love and care has been put into the project! Thank you so much for sharing that, nowhere else I've seen content like this, I'll rewatch this couple of times

  12. Looks great! I love where it ended in terms of color palette. The blue with the skin tones was a smart move. I wonder how it would look with a lavender-esque color in place of the blue, and if that might allow the site to stand out more among it's competitors (just a thought). Overall, I think it turned out really nice! Thank you for sharing this process!

  13. It’s super to cool to see you and Max are working together to create the project. I don’t think that can happen so often. I can’t wait to see the whole website goes live.

    BTW, when you create website for clients, do you also design the mobile version and show it to clients? Or you just make the website responsive during the development phase.

  14. Everyone should thank you for giving this information from the real project for zero bucks. In my power, I can only give you a like if this is what helps you in progress of the YouTube channel.

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