Web Design Speed Art – Cryptocurrency Landing Page

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▶ Programs I am Using: Adobe illustrator, Adobe XD
▶ Music: Epidemic Sound




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21 thoughts on “Web Design Speed Art – Cryptocurrency Landing Page”

  1. Can you make an website for you(I mean in the future like 6-7 years because I'm just 13 years old and want to have create an company ( which test Displays and look if they show the right colors ect.) With an nice Website)

  2. Another copy pasted illustration focused website wannabe, Caler i love your channel but if you want to learn people how to make ui/ux it's not the way. In other series you're doing it perfectly, but this is focused only on making trendy illustrations, which looks nice on dribble but not cool for me. I saw billions of this on dribbble, personally i dislike this kind of work. More illustrations than content, it looks very nice but as a website it sucks.
    Title, descritpion, hamburger and logo? I saw it WAY TOO MUCH times Caler, please, staph.

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