Web development in 2019 | Full Stack Developer (in 2019)

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Web development is increasing day by day, so we as web developers should be on track with the increasing popularity and expectation.

In this video, I compiled all the things required for a web developer in 2019.

Everybody should learn the basic, the data structure and algorithm and after that, we can choose any UI or backend framework to build the application.

In 2019 webassembly will be used extensively, everybody should learn that also because it’s going to change what we think about the web.

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Data Structure and Algorithm:

Three Js: https://threejs.org/

Tensorflow.js: https://js.tensorflow.org/

Angular Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4cSPhAvl8xWZ_hGNT29s10QrRFKNcIDn

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