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In today's high technological world its seems almost unbelievable that we once got along without the internet. It's really hard to imagine that there was once life before the internet, but the truth is just over twenty years ago the internet did not exist at least in the way we know it. Businesses relied heavily on the print media and for those who could afford television and radio advertising they reached out as many potential customers as they possibly could.

However, things are so different today especially with the internet and the impact it has made on consumers around the world. Even with the very expensive cost of advertising on television and in part radio, businesses were limited with the audience that they could reach; as a matter of fact, in comparison with today's global internet market even advertising on television (which very few businesses could afford) only reached a very, very small fraction of potential customers as opposed to what those same businesses are now reaching over the internet.

Which is precisely the point that I am making: all businesses should have a presence on the internet. For practically every active business, having a presence on the internet is about equivalent to humans having fresh air to breathe; without it death is imminent! And the same equal and opposite statement can be made about most businesses that do not have a presence on the internet.

A survey done by a leading internet search engine reveals the fact that a whopping 97% of all consumers worldwide search the internet for services and goods. That tells us that only about 3% of all consumers do not use the internet to search for goods and services. If you do not have a presence on the internet your potential market share is reduced to only 3%. Without a presence on the internet you must direct your advertising through some medium at this 3% market and hope for success; your chances of succeeding is slim to none.

From small toys to commercial jet planes millions and millions of items are sold over the internet all day long. Hundreds of millions of consumers busily search the internet for items that they are looking to purchase and for the most part there will be a merchant / service provider online to provide just what each and every consumer is searching for. Each day more and more businesses establish a presence on the internet to reach the huge market of consumers that spend about a trillion dollars each year and the sky's still the limit; in other words, business will continue to get better for both consumers and businesses that provide the goods and services that consumers are so eager and ready to shell out hard hard cash for.

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