Website Presentation and Navigation Is the Key to Online Success

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Two things, which are often overlooked when developing a website is presentation and navigation, both of which are extremely important.

You can post as many ads as you want but if you website is not easy to navigate or looks shoddy… you are not going to have many visitors.

You have the idea of how you want your website to look and that is a great start. Now you need to implement that. Make sure your website is appealing to the eye. Presentation is definitely key in drawing in more website traffic. If your website looks hastily thrown together it does not convey a sense of professionalism needed to get people interested in your products or services.

Most people, when coming across a poorly designed website, will not take the time to even read the detailed content you have taken the time to write. So make sure you have clear pictures of your products with a detailed description.

You also need to make sure that the colors of your background and your links are distinguishable from each other. That is where navigation comes into play. You want people to be able to easily navigate your website. There should be clear links for products and services that you are trying to market.

It does not hurt to put down pricing either.

Yes, some pricing is probably going to be on a per piece basis but you should definitely not make all of your products this way. It just leads to frustrated viewers and potential buyers that are turned off by the thought of having to contact you directly through email or phone just to get a price quote.

So unless you have a specialized service that varies from customer to customer avoid this tactic.

Last but certainly not least is making sure you have working links. No one likes getting a 404 error message popping up on their browser. All it does is show that you did not take the time to ensure your links are in proper working order and that your website is set up to go to multiple pages. That is definitely not good for your business.

If you keep presentation and navigation in mind then you really have a great start on creating a fabulous website that will generate traffic and revenue. A great website is pleasing to the eye and is easy to navigate.

You will be surprised at how much traffic you can get with these two simple tips.

Source by Ron Cripps


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