What I Do With A $3,000 / Monthly SEO Budget [REAL CLIENT]

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In this video, I cover exactly what our agency does with a $3,000 / month SEO budget. We highlight our client https://www.twinplumbing.com/ in this series and go over how we spend their money to make back their investment.

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21 thoughts on “What I Do With A $3,000 / Monthly SEO Budget [REAL CLIENT]”

  1. Do you have the your clients pay for their own monthly subscription for call rail and then gain access to it or do you create the account for them and include the call rail costs into your monthly billing

  2. i want to believe theres hope out there for someone like me and i dont want to think the only way of making good money is by breaking the law as i know its al a trap for the young to fall into i am determined to make my business succeed and it all my ideas and 110% totally legal

  3. i been looking at various mix of different teachings and some things i find hard to understand i have to break things down i want to learn as much as possible its sometimes makes me feel stupid as a lot of things goes totally over my head which is upsetting as i am really interested in setting up a business online

  4. bought this guys course a while back and by far THE BEST content out there (even outside of the course).

    Been following him for over a year and have seen him grow into where he is today.

    Congrats Ruan!

  5. Basically I’m watching over your channel for the past 12 months, from the moment you started with almost 0 budget and I’m really happy to see that with the hard work you managed to build a solid business. In a video you mentioned about plans to build a SaaS product. Looking forward to see you succeed with this.

  6. Really liked the format of this video! I am curious, when you need to create content for blog post, does your content team become experts in a topic, like mold and mold removal in this case and write the content. Or do you out source that topic to someone and your content team tailors the article to be seo friendly? This might be a dumb question, but I am confused how an agency writes or creates the quality content in a field where they might not know much about.

  7. Awesome content as always! Questions. What is the easiest way to redirect a new clients old website to a new wordpress website without messing up their current seo? Do you have to have access to their website or do you just input their url pages into a wordpress redirect plugin? Thanks in advance!!

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