What To Do After You've Ranked A Client #1 On Google

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Learn more: https://www.theundergroundsecrets.com/
In this video, I cover exactly what I would do after I get the complaint, “what happens after I get rankings on Google for my target keywords”?

Well, what does happen when a client is at the top of Google? The answer is simple, offer them another campaign

By targeting a whole new list of keywords, you can quickly and easily engage your client in a new SEO campaign

When doing so, ensure you target a whole new list of keywords for your client.

When you’re targeting your new keywords, add relevant pages to the website for the new keyword.

Your client may even want to target something different such as a new service – for example, if you’re working with a contractor, they may want to rank for a different service that they offer.

This is extremely effective because, after the SEO campaign, the website is already likely to rank for much more due to the authority you’ve created on the site throughout the campaign.

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13 thoughts on “What To Do After You've Ranked A Client #1 On Google”

  1. Hey how do you actually rank. Like i get you link social etc. and stuff but like…. Do you create a blog and make content witht he anchor text and those blog post rank and then you direct them back to your home page or?

  2. Ruan, hello. Can u talk about what to do with long term seo contracts? U were saying that u can have 3-6 month contract or even 3-5 YEARS deals with clients for seo. What do u do after u have done all the on-site optimisation, gmb, directories, citations, reviews, etc? U just keep posting blog articles, building links, finding new keywords to rank for? Sorry if i sound stupid, im kinda of a newb in a seo, but im trying to learn

  3. thanks for the great tips, Can you make a tutorial regarding the campaigns you just spoke about, couldn't understand if the campaigns are paid or not and what really do you do cheers,

  4. Another way you can retain, and do seo work for a client even after they've hit #1 in Google is that someone is ALWAYS trying to knock you off of your perch as #1 on Google as you well know. Clients are constantly hiring seo companies to get their site ranked #1. This is a great way to earn residual income for you, AND keep your client in the #1 position.

  5. Hey Ryan, first of all thank you so much for this informative video and all other. My website's most of the pages are ranking on top positions. The question is what to need to do if some of pages are ranking between 4-10 positions. How I can get first position? I really appreciate if you help me out. Thanks in advance! 👍

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