What to Learn to Get a Front End Web Developer Job

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These are the front end web technologies you should learn to become job ready.

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31 thoughts on “What to Learn to Get a Front End Web Developer Job”

  1. I am one of those who searched for a job as a web designer (not even developer) and found the employer asked for a lot of JS frameworks. It really put me down, because I only new JavaScript. So I learned Bootstrap, MeteorJS and AngularJS to find they wanted now even more stuff. I gave up. Now I am gonna go for it again. Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. very nice. you've correctly said that noone can master so many technologies – any programmer can tell you that. Learning everything will require about 5years and by that time, new technology would have come!
    Actually, don't know who writes those job description asking for all that stuff – maybe, HR (Human Retards) folks.
    very good advice also, a good interviewer will check if you can solve a problem; not the syntax or things like that. Any programmer knows that such stuff can easily be checked from documentation or the fellow programmers who have specifically mastered that technology.

  3. Thanks for this video ! I'm a recent grad with a somewhat worthless degree . I've just begun studying front end development . It is so exciting ! I was confused as to where to start . So,
    to be ready to apply to a front end development job I should know :

    J query
    Angular js
    Some Node js

    Correct ?

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