What You Should Charge For Monthly Online Marketing Services [Part 4]

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I was recently asked by a viewer on how to price marketing services online, so I figured I would come on camera today and explain some of the pricing strategies that I use personally

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41 thoughts on “What You Should Charge For Monthly Online Marketing Services [Part 4]”

  1. I am learning so much in these videos, thanks! Do you have a video about off page SEO, backlinks, bookmarking, what is relevant, everything that matters as this is another topic I am not really understanding. Thanks RUAN!

  2. hi I'm Will a 13-year-old boy I've learnt so much valuable knowledge from these marketing videos and I'm striving to be successful in digital marketing myself. p.s thx for making these vids

  3. thanks for the awesome video! i was wondering though how you determine how much you spend for an ad campaign and if you charge your customer for this amount + your 1000-2000$, so let's say it's a 200$ a month budget for a 3 month period, do you charge them 600+ 1000$?


  4. We ran into the low ticket Facebook ad hamster wheel, too. One way to boost your profit and raise lifetime value is to do what I’ve been calling a “retainer plus” model. Price your package in 3’s and as you wisely say, don’t promise rank. Too many variables that affect conversion. The threes is based on management fee and marketing budget they provide.

    Do it based on their current conversion and project out their returns based on increased quality traffic and qualified leads. Get paid a concrete management budget, say $500, and then give them an upper bound they can spend they provide the marketing. The upper bound is meant to activate price anchoring in their head. Eg “you can spend UP TO $1,000 on your budget in that management fee.

    It locks in your fee while separating “pay” in their eyes do it feels more like an “investment”. Be conservative on your projection but your goal is to be doing this when you price your services anyway so it shouldn’t be too far off.

    This kind of pricing is more focused on their ROI and value. Most clients find it reasonable to suggest fair value is assessed 9-12 months out. As you point out fair churn is about that time too. Annualize your expected incremental return and it should be about 5-6x. It also incentivizes clients to stay longer on this services they could bail on.

    It’s not a service problem it’s your offer.

    Caveat is you need a candid relationship so your analysis isn’t off from a joker they hid in the deck. If you’re anything like like me or other consultants here, we’re always looking for an interesting test. Give it a whirl on a small scale. Great content glad to see someone else lifting the veil just throwing out jabs with no hooks to help others !

  5. What a Great Rock-Solid integrity and generous informations in such a detail. I am going to watch and learn from all your videos. Finally, I found you. After watching more than a hundreds of youtube. Thank you Ruan!

  6. Hi Ruan, Thank you so much for your content!! You are on of the best! I don't understand how come you said that FB ads the cost is low? in $1000-$2000, how much is really the budget for ad spent? Thanks a lot

  7. Hey bud, thanks for all the info in your videos. Definitely using a lot of it. I was wondering if you had a recommendation of a source to get contracts for these types of services. Specially the seo, ppc, and facebook services. Also, I had a question about the ppc commission of .20%. does the client give you $1000 a month and you use that towards their adwords account and budget or how is all that set up?

  8. I love you're videos. You are such a sharp young man and I thank you for sharing your knowledge. I just want to know… When creating ads for clients, do you have to use THEIR card information to run the ads or can it come out of what they pay me? Again… If I'm an admin and they pay me $500 to create and run an ad, can it come off of my card or theirs?

  9. i subscribed after watching this video because of the value you provided and i will most likely be buying from you in the future based solely off of this video and the value you provided.

  10. You are so great. Thank you so so so much. I have a question. How much do you contract work out. I am starting an agency in this northern colorado area, and I have some small clients, 10 hours here, 10 hours there, but not anyone retained yet, I was thinking as I grow I will need to outsource. Do you have a good place you outsource from? Thanks so much fo ryour tips! Cielo

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