Why Domain Rating is More Important Than PageRank – Google Search Console Guide

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There is Google PageRank and there is Domain Rating (also known as Domain Authority or Domain Rank).

This Google Search Console guide will tell you which one should you focus on.

Google PageRank was created by one of Google’s founders, Larry Page.

The issue with PageRank is that it doesn’t get updated often. For that reason, you shouldn’t focus on it.

Domain Rating, on the other hand, gets updated frequently by Ahrefs.com. As it increases it is a good indicator that your search traffic is going to go up.

What’ll you also notice is that as your Domain Rating goes up you’ll see over time that your total number of search impressions in Google Search Console will go up.

As your impression count goes up you’ll notice that your click count will go up.

Although SEO takes six months to kick in, you’ll see if things are working once your Domain Rating and impression count increase within Google Search Console.

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22 thoughts on “Why Domain Rating is More Important Than PageRank – Google Search Console Guide”

  1. A site could block Ahref, Majestic and MOZ spiders + each of these services crawl only a small part of what Google Spider crawls (10-30%) = not all times DA so good. Sometimes Last PageRank is a good starting point to define if a domain has a good SEO history.

  2. The main problem here is that you specifically singled out DA as a metric – Domain Authority. Google have never calculated ANY form of PageRank at the domain level. Ever. Domain Authority is a nonsense metric, based on a shorthand for how SEOs would talk about the rough value of a domain, when discussing how to most efficiently pass that PageRank around the structure of the site.

  3. Second, PageRank is no longer updated infrequently. That was the old days of the 'Google Dance' where Google updated every few months taking a few days for the calculations to settle across the many data centres. That changed before 2009 if I recall rightly, when PageRank calculations became an ongoing process that occurs in real time behind the scenes.

  4. Oh boy … where to begin?
    First, PageRank is not, and never has been, a number from zero to ten. That comes from the little meter on the ancient PageRank Toolbar, which was a very simplified 'rough guide' to comparative PageRank, and worked on a logarithmic scale. Actual PageRank is far, longer numbers, and the exact calculations were spelled out in the original scientific papers and patents. See: http://www.cs.princeton.edu/~chazelle/courses/BIB/pagerank.htm

  5. Yesterday's MOZ update was good to me. Thanks for all the great tips and the AMP program that works if you work It! Waiting for a Vignesh guest appearance…lol

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