Why Is Web Development So Hard?

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In this video I talk to you about why web development is hard.

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31 thoughts on “Why Is Web Development So Hard?”

  1. I like your video, but why are you promoting a coding bootcamp. Knowing how difficult programming can be, why do you think 6-12 months is enough to teach a person a skills that is always evolving. I felt the bootcamp promotion goes against all what youve just said,

  2. I've subscribed to your channel for a while, and as a fellow developer I enjoy your great content. YouTube now interrupts with a commercial every five minutes, and it seems to be getting worse by the week. Although this video is very interesting, I had to quit ten minutes into it because of the commercial breaks. Any possibility you could post your videos somewhere else that's not heading down the same route as YouTube seems to be at the moment? The first alternative that comes to mind is https://d.tube, but maybe other platforms are (close to) ad-free too.

  3. few years ago, getting in to web development was really easy and even getting a job. Then after few months or years the fellow used to get that 'its not that easy'. But now, thanks to these complex frameworks, even getting into the web development is really hard let alone getting a fulltime job. In some cases, even 'hello world' out takes a whole day due to various dependencies required ! What the hell.

  4. The reason why almost all software product turns into a bloatware after a while is that people are hired and paid to maintain these products. Facebook, Google but even small startups pay to developers to maintain Bootstrap, Angular, React etc. If these developers happen to say "boss, we are ready with the product", they will simply be put off the payroll. That's why they keep adding useless functionality and therefore unwanted complexity.

  5. why isn't fb an SPA, any ideas ? I don't know react (I use angular) and i would expect fb to have the same SPA feel but it reloads every time! what am i missing ? thanks in advance!

  6. i thought it was easy until i started django …this monster was so involved with so many aspects python, template language , orm , javascript…oh yes html and css, coding logic , sercurity….it was a minefield and took much longer than i expected to grasp and then learn how to be effective with it….i was overwhelmed for ages.

  7. How the hell do you know apple/googles R&D budget bro?? according to Elon Musk apple hired 1000 engineers to work on an electric car and googles been killing it with GCP/kubernetes/tensor flow/AI ML last year?

  8. Web dev is fucking bulshit… So many fucking languages and shit… I have wasted so much time to do simple things on my testing website meanwhile when i could have made amazing desktop apps in same time… Arrrrhhhhhh!!!!

  9. The only reason I was interested in Web Development was because I felt it was more creative and easier then just core programming and I could get by with just HTML5/CSS3, jQuery/Javascript, and maybe some PHP/Wordpress/SQL etc. But now it has turned into a cesspool of different programming languages, frameworks, libraries, APIs etc. Hell I even invested learning Python and Angular 4 but it's still not enough to get an entry level job. This is just too much for someone who is entry level and has no relevant experience with programming. It's like they took something complicated and made it more complicated for the sake of simplicity. But in reality, they just set a bar where those who can adapt to this new simplicity are acknowledged in the development industry while the rest are forced to continue their struggle hoping they get lucky.

  10. I fucking hate how web development has evolved. For beginners this is just to much. Everything is so over complicated and courses get you side-tracked because of them being out of date, just 2 weeks after they get published. Moral of the story is: There is no starting point anymore. Its the wild west. Web development has changed into a monster spaghetti of 'do it this way' , 'no do it that way', gazillions of libraries and frameworks… It's a maze.

  11. Why is Web Dev so Challenging? Makes more sense than why is it so HARD. There's a difference between something being challenging and something being hard. Web Dev is CHALLENGING, by it's nature, solving puzzles, growing, learning requires challenge and challenges are fun, attainable, achievable, something that is hard is keyboard breaking, frustrating, a constant nightmare, with constant cursewords (it's a mindset). But Challenge does not necessarily equate to Hard… I think we do everyone a disservice when we claim X Y Z is hard vs. easy…in comparison to what? Not having to think about what you're trying to do?; the word choice we use is important. Because Hard implies that if a person were more intelligent they'd have an easier time, and that if a person finds it easy that they don't encounter any challenges, everything is effortless; as opposed to challenging which is more accurate and implies that this requires persistence and effort, and if we're going to continue to learn and grow as developers there should and will always be an element of challenge to what we do. Web Dev. and Programming alike are challenging, nothing more, nothing less than that. Implying people are ignorant or have some over-confidence problem if they don't think it's hard yet might find it a challenge is a false assumption. A person who enjoys a challenge may find the process of banging head against the wall, problem solving, keeping up with standards and new languages — fun if not easy once they discover a flow and process, while understanding that what they're doing is a constant challenge.

    So I think the problem is the word we use; if we were to ask someone who says programming or web dev is easy, they might say yes, but ask them…ok, but is it challenging? Do you feel it's challenging? And the answer you get will reveal more than is this hard vs. easy…

    If that person says that it's not challenging, that says more because it says they either don't understand the question or are not growing and expanding as developers; they're not pushing themselves, they're coding the same pattern over and over and not really moving beyond that. Whereas "I find it easy vs. hard" doesn't tell me much…

  12. Today I've decided to continue learning web development but not joining with a company anymore. I'm more passionate creating sites for myself so I'm just learning these skills for my own ideas/business ideas later. I've had a really tough time keeping up with so much since things are constantly changing and decided to make the switch financially to something I enjoy doing which is other types of programming. I really appreciate your channel Chris, and I just want to say that Python/Django is amazing and has saved me a ton of time : )

  13. Web development problem is things are not thought through, community is like unorganized basketball team. Wherever the ball seems to be going whole team runs there with no regards to consequences.

    Webpack, react, express, mongodb, websockets, webrtc, service workers, etc all of it came and spread before things were worked out. there are no good patterns of using them together. there are just bazillions small tutorials on how to build todo apps.

  14. You bring up good points. Web development doesn't have to be hard, but it certainly has a ton of depth and can become very complex and this complexity does require advanced tools like Redux. The problem is that far too many companies adopt these tools when in reality they do not need them. Beginners also shouldn't flock to these tools too early, otherwise they risk feeling overwhelmed.

  15. web development is so retarded these days. finding work is annoying. Recruiter: "I have a client that is seeking a wordpress developer" Me: "great i do wordpress where I currently work" Recruiter: "ok do you know html5 css3 javascript/jQuery?" Me: "yes of course I am a front end developer" Recruiter "ok do you know Mailchimp?" Me:"um we have a marketer take care of that" Recruiter:"i dont think its a right fit" me:" …."

  16. I'm not specifically a web developer myself, but how hard it is depends on how much you want to do. Writing a web application that just interacts with some CRUD HTTP API, like most do, is fairly trivial, although some frameworks make it more complex than it needs to be. The truly hard problems come either when you consider the bigger picture — all the system design and implementation tasks that fall outside of "web" development per se — or when you develop a more complex web application that's more akin to a desktop application.

    The line is blurred, and even the term "web developer" isn't always useful. To use your Facebook example, are all those programmers web developers? After all, they're building an application for the web (if you exclude the mobile app developers), but some of them are working on Difficult Problems.

  17. It's hard because it moves faster than light. It's complicated because everyone wants programmers who are experts in everything with an acronym. It seems like I just start figuring one new technology when the next 'gotta have' technology is shoved out the door. And look at job descriptions, you have to be a database expert, code expert, javascript expert, system expert, have an expert knowledge of gulp and less and angular and sass, be an SEO expert, artist, musicologist, mixologist and play a championship game of snooker.

  18. I think you hit the nail on the head. There's way too much Angular / React hype right now, and I think the issue is there is too much money in it. All these job boards are filled with React, Angular, and Node jobs – with salaries in the $70-$150k range. So all the devs are trying to do professional React projects – not because its strictly necessary, but because having that on their resume means they make an extra $20k next year.

    React has its place, but it doesn't need to be used on every project. Same goes for Angular / Node.

    HOWEVER, I just wrote my first production React app and I think I have React fever. Once you get the hang of React, it really is a comfy development framework. Even after having to deal with learning ES6 classes, I still love it. I think I might even like classes more than the prototype…does that make me a heretic?

    Great video, thanks for taking the time to make these!

  19. I just created a helloworld project with ReactJS… It is 84.5MB big and it has 18389 files!!! FFS WHY? Over 18k files! What on earth would need that many files? I just wanna put some data in divs in my html template.

  20. Web development has become hard lately, because, it become huge. Its called the Law of Diminishing Returns 🙂 Earlier you could slap a website with simple HTML code. Today, you need to be a "good searcher" where you need to know where to find the right "package"

  21. i cringe everytime i hear about another new javascript framework or package manager. fml. es6 with babel to transpile and webpack to create scripts just to run a server with my transpiled code its getting to be a bit much lmao. if they are so smart they can make things really simpler. its easy to make technical things more complicated

  22. 12:00 Actually I think this is where Vue JS shines. It's as simple to understand as jQuery, and there can be absolutely NO boilerplate or dependencies, if all you need is some reactivity in an otherwise vanilla JS web app/page.

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