Why Rank and Rent SEO Doesn't Work

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In this video I talk about the rank and rent model and why it is critical to adapt to the new form of lead generation. The rank and rent business model suggests you build a website, perform organic SEO, generate leads, and sell those leads to a local business that are willing to pay for them.

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35 thoughts on “Why Rank and Rent SEO Doesn't Work”

  1. Hi Ruan thanks for the great video. With a site like localpainterquotes – do you know how they connect with the actual painting firms? In the video you showed up to the page where a person would enter their contact info. It seems like after they submit that, they would then instantly see 4 painting firms. Do you know if that is how it works? Or do they just get a notice that painting firms will get in touch with them?

  2. Awesome video full of value. I only had one question which is that when you create a better website than local businesses on rank and rent model with the idea to eventually sell it to a buyer. What do we do with the actual customers query on our new websites when they ask for lets say plumbing quote? How do we go about that and who do we forward these leads to before we start tracking them for conversions? Thanks

  3. It's my main business and I am crushing it, whatta ya mean it's not good, it's better than that Crap you see smothering social media all day long. Every Tom Dick & Harry has an agency and yes,"Selling their created course that they spent millions on to design Hahahahaha! give me a break. The new method od client acquisition does nothing but steal money from businessess with crazy ad spend fees and little to no results. Thats my rant!

  4. Ruan, I am building my first home services rank and rent. My big dilemma is concerning trust elements. What would you suggest? I would like to add some trust badges but this is a totally new site not affiliated with an existing business. No one has touched on the challenge of trust elements for rank and rent sites that I have found.

  5. I totally agree with you about the rank and rent business model is not a good business model. But Craftjacks does an amazing job with their PPC model. In just the painting category like in the example in your video, they sell 20+ DIFFERENT kinds of painting leads to local service providers. Most of those types of leads are sold for between $20 and $30 each with some being over $60 each. So if they are able to resell a lead 4 times from a single click they are paying $14 for … and getting $80 to over $200 in sales revenue … it doesn't take long to figure out why they are spending $150,000 a month on ads for this one website!

    Of course, what we don't know is how many times that $14 fee for a click does not end up generating a lead for them to sell. We also don't know if they always have 4 companies ready to but each lead they generate. (If they only have one lead buyer for the lead in a specific market, they are going to need a really HIGH conversion rate to make money at $14 per click.)

    One thing we can pretty well guess is that, unless they have endless sources of investor funds like companies like Uber, they can't keep spending so much money each month unless they are getting more back from lead sales.

    Craftjacks price list includes prices for HUNDREDS of types of leads for pretty much every type of home service that you can imagine. I am sure they are doing quite well! With the SEO tools you have available, is there any tool that could identify all the different websites (other than localpaintersnearme.com) that Craftjack uses? It would be interesting to do a detailed study of them and the potential this model actually represents.

  6. Almost can't believe you just showed me this for free. I've been looking into the rank/rent model for a little bit, trying to start my first business. This has giving me a lot to think about! Thank you!

  7. Wow…. the absolute value this man dropped should be illegal. Most value I've seen in a while! Keep at it man. Maybe instead of doing my Productivity Challenges on my channel, I need to start laying the wood like Ruan. You just gained a new viewer!

  8. So, this method assumes you have a directory of service providers or do you just forward the leads to any service provider in near the customer and charge whomever gets the customer? I still don't understand how you would bill for this type of service. It looks easy per your explanation (the frontend stuff) but it's the back office stuff that you left out that's requires a lot of work.

  9. Great content!!! couldn't agree more!! Ruan, do you have any quick tip and/or guidelines on how to use google ads to generate more new leads for … YOUR web dev/online marketing business??

  10. Edit: if you can answer me, please dont wait for Ruan to see this and reply.

    Hi Ruan,
    Can I learn digital marketing skills, freelance for 1-2 months and launch an agency without being employed at an agency for a few months? I'm very ambitious and dedicated, can put in 12 hours a day. I will be sure to start by charging less as you recommended. Thanks!

  11. Edit: if you can answer me, please dont wait for Ruan to see this and reply.

    Hi Ruan,
    I've been really getting into SEO have been listening to your videos. When you talk about your first year, do you mean you learnt it and started an agency or freelancing or by your first year you mean you already knew the work, were employed somewhere and this is first year of you having your own company?

  12. Ruan you created a video a while back about how to go about creating page content for SEO – i recall you mentioned the madman approach, then the carpenter or something – it was an excellent video and i cant find it from your millions of videos… can you please point me in the right direction for which video that was?

  13. I love the rank and rent model.

    For the last couple of years I've been consistently earning $1300 per month from a few R&R websites on a monthly fee rental model (one business per website) rather than fee per lead model. This is all via Organic SEO and Google Maps optimisation. I have hardly touched these websites over the last couple of years and they are all still ranking very well. Awesome passive side income. Of course this isn't life changing income, but it's also $1300 per mth with hardly lifting a finger… Not bad.

    I work full-time so this has been a slow side business for me and I'm just about the rent a couple more websites that are climbing to page one of Googs.

    I'd love to hear how ppl are running their fee per lead setup (fully automated?) – it seems like a headache to me dealing with multiple contractors and chasing payments for leads etc… Or are you simply charging one business a per lead model?

    It takes time (6-12mths or so) to build organic ranking R&R websites, but once ranking they are fairly hands off passive income. ๐Ÿ‘

  14. Dude, you been managing clients from the beach. Your tan is kinda slamming! Seriously, loved you detailing the rank & rent model. The content is [gicci]. Keep it up & sidestep that coronavirus. ๐Ÿ––๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘

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