Why You Should Never Buy Facebook Fans

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My Facebook fan page has over 900,000 fans. And you know what I wish I never had 900,000 fans.
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The reason I have them is because I bought them through Facebook ads.

I spent roughly $400,000 on Facebook ads for fan page growth and post boosting. When I was spending money on Facebook at one point I was getting well over 100,000 visitors a month.

Now I am lucky if I get 15,000 visitors a month from my fan page.


Because Facebook keeps tightening up their algorithm which makes it harder to fan pages to reach their fans.

Although you shouldn’t use Facebook ads for buying fans you should use Facebook ads to promote your product or service. Assuming it is cash flow positive, it is a much better ROI than Facebook ads.

Learn from my experience, don’t waste money on buying fans, it just doesn’t work well anymore.

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19 thoughts on “Why You Should Never Buy Facebook Fans”

  1. Hi Neil! Thank you for the video. I’m a little confused. I thought buying fans was when you use a site like Devumi to literally purchase fans. Most of those fans are not really fans at all as they are just there to pump up your page total and don’t interact much with your page. Are you saying not to use advertising to get people to like your page? I see ads all the time to get people to sign up and then like their page. So is this bad? Thank you 😊

  2. Thanks for the great information Neil. I'm just starting out trying to grow my business's social media networks and the content of your video will definitely make me think harder as to where I allocate marketing funds.

  3. Hello Neil, thanks for the video as always. It's a very harsh conclusion. At the moment, I am struggling to get trafic from google (as I just started my website) and I am not planning to rely only on SEO. I prefer to focus on social media. I am more interested into growing and nurturing a facebook community. It would be my long-term strategy to get trafic to my website. I didn't count on advertising for page likes to grow my fan base BUT on boosting my posts to get more visibility and eventually more likes… Isn't that a good strategy ? I am confused since you posted this video.

  4. Thanks, I have a question. What if our Facebook Fans click the See First button under the Following tab? That will show all the upcoming posts of our page at the top in their news feed. Then we have more chance to reach our audience that's connected to our Facebook Page.

    I was about to spend $1500 to build Facebook Fans and drive traffic to my blog. Kindly respond, It's important for me to know.

  5. Neil, you are right – I would recommend that instead of throwing money of FB page likes & followers aka getting fans. We should invest in boosting posts that are relevant and we think needs attention which may drive traffic to our website for leads and conversions.

    Moreover, have you heard in the past about a technique of Spend At Least $1 A Day on FB? This might be the campaign for FB fans – I think so. I think you should also try this and if you had tried it then do share it's info.

  6. Wow, this one hurts! I have also gotten so much of my following and traffic from Facebook ads. So you suggest not promoting to get page likes, but also to not boost the articles you share?

  7. Hi Neil, firstly thank you for such informative videos. You are doing a great job educating us. And now, my question is, if my purpose is to make more people Like my page. Still can I achieve similar outcome by just boosting the posts & not spending on buying fans?

  8. However I understand that a layer of Google algorithm is how do you position in terms of social signals, in order to rank you better. Therefore, having a million fans as you have would communicate Google about your strength in this layer.

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