Why you shouldn’t use Godaddy, SquareSpace, Weebly, Wix, or Shopify!

Godaddy videos and tutorials just for you.
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In this video, I will walk you through reasons why these & other similar companies lie to you from the start.
8+ Tips for starting a great business website.

Watch short videos of this (with SPECIAL TIPS in description for each video NOT HERE). These videos will help you with your online business growth.

0:11 Intro (What this video is about)
0:30 What you need to know about these services
7:40 Graphics, Photos or Images & Videos
9:56 Content Writing
11:30 Domains & Hosting
12:20 SSL Certificates
14:04 Templates & Customization
15:40 Support (for templates)
16:30 HTML vs WordPress vs Other
17:44 Pricing & other costs
19:24 Service Support
23:40 PICK TWO of the THREE
26:26 Advice
26:56 Re-Design
28:12 Client Duties & Responsibilites
30:44 Final thoughts
31:24 Ending

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Find really great High Quality Royalty Free photos & images and videos for your projects from here. One of the best resources on Youtube (always updated) https://youtu.be/-iRan9YrkF8

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29 thoughts on “Why you shouldn’t use Godaddy, SquareSpace, Weebly, Wix, or Shopify!”

  1. Great Video and likely very few people are anywhere close to having what's required for you to start building out the website. There is so much branding strategy and outside the box thinking. I just tried Bookmark.com and it's awful.

    So many have never experienced quality and they would be shocked at the difference between Wix or a custom site or WordPress site.

  2. As far as the design and content part, Eddie is spot on. About hosting and domain names, Eddie made some serious points which I had no idea about. Those hidden details/costs which seem to pop out of no where are frustrating and never fun to deal with. However, knowing about them we can plan and when possible mitigate the cost or void it. Luck to all…

  3. people are lazy, technology and the dam media has people believcing bullshit, they can get stuff fast and good quality, fast maybe but not the best quality, its the same old thing, peoole have been brainwashed to believe crap, then they wonder why stuff isn't really like that!!!! they need to face reality instead of their fantasy world

  4. This is super comical. Bro, not everyone can afford a web developer. Most small businesses are on a super tight budget and 300 bucks or less a year is what they can afford and most of these site builders are right in that pocket….that that is with eCommerce functionality. As someone who works in the industry… we never tell anyone it will take an hour or less. There is a minimal learning curve and with a bit of patience … you can have a site up and running with general information about your business…realistically…within a day. So, get off your high horse, homie.

  5. Thank you for your views but to hire a developer is wayyy too expensive for me. I managed to get my business up and running and turning over using Wix.com. When I make more, I will hire a developer in the future. Thanks.

  6. This is coming from a developers point of view so your point is super bias. You’re just losing money. You developers Charge and arm and a leg yet to make a Web and most of you we can’t truck so we call daddy and the other website builder is hard for people who don’t develop web you’re just losing money oh well deal with times change your obsolete.

  7. I think website builders are a great solution for people who have a very small budget, and want to build a business, and are just getting started. A website builder (Wix, Weebly, etc), are making entrepreneurialism more possible for more people. But yes, once you have some income coming in – hiring a web-developer and getting a professional site does is a good idea. imo. By then you also tend to know what should be in your site: what your niche/market is, etc. At first a new business is often still figuring those things out. No reason to hate on web-builders…both are good. And yes, using a website builder, it will take at least a couple days to get it reasonably dialed in.

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