Wix SEO vs. WordPress: An Ahrefs Study of 6.4M Domains

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Can Wix websites rank in Google? We compared the SEO metrics of 3.2 million Wix websites against the same number of WordPress ones. Here’s what we found.
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In the midst of all the debate in the SEO community around Wix SEO, some people wonder if it’s even possible to generate search traffic using the Wix platform.

But does anyone have proof that Wix websites can’t generate as much traffic as the next platform?

We did a study, with the help of our Data Scientist, to compare the SEO metrics of 3.2 million Wix websites and the same number of WordPress ones.

Our goal is not to prove that one CMS is better than the other, but to present data so that viewers, like yourselves, can have some clarity to make better decisions of your own.

We first created two buckets for both platforms to get a better visualization of the distribution of websites that get search traffic:

1. Those that get at least some level of search traffic
2. Those that get more than 100 search visits per month

Sam then shares the exact breakdown of organic traffic that the Wix and WordPress sites get.

But since there are numerous factors that influence organic traffic like backlinks, we went on to analyze the average Domain Rating, number of dofollow referring domains and monthly search traffic for each platform.

We then applied both the mean and the median (instead of just looking at the averages) for each of these statistics to see if we can identify any correlationship.

Finally, we fine tuned the analysis by:
1. Levelling the sample sizes across the board.
2. Studying the number of keywords the websites ranked for in Google’s top 10 search and summing the traffic that they accounted for.
3. Removing keywords that were exact matches to the domain.

In this video, Sam Oh shares the results from our data, some interesting observations and a few reasons why some SEOs aren’t fans of Wix when it comes to search engine optimization.

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42 thoughts on “Wix SEO vs. WordPress: An Ahrefs Study of 6.4M Domains”

  1. I use WIX and for driving sales from Google Ads and Microsoft Ads it has been great. I just started SEO and have already ranked on the first page for sand tray kits (a major keyword for my niche). And support is amazing. I call Wix with a question and get right in, they answer my question. If I were to scale to over 1M I probably would implement a larger type website function to go international and have an ERP management system. But for starters I think WIX really fits to bill. It's extremely difficult to get immediate assistance from WordPress.

  2. WordPress is extremely powerful when it comes to SEO but updating plugins (10 each week) is insane. We ranked 1st page for very competitive keywords by using Wix SEO previously. So this all comes to competition and industry you are targeting my opinion. Currently using WordPress and ranked 1st page easily but really hate updating plugins. P.S. Great video/help/study Sam. Thank you.

  3. Thank you for carrying out this research and comparing the data and creating this video. I would say that a lot of this data is hugely misleading by the fact that over the 3.2 million Wix sites compared to the same number of WP, the majority of those on Wix websites would have been created by people who knew nothing of SEO and rely heavily on the Wix inbuilt SEO that sucks. WP has been the go-to for people who know SEO, so therefore they are better DESIGNED for SEO purposes. Wix users, are on the whole novices and people trying to make a website themselves, whereas WP is used by professional designers and SEO savy people. So this data is comparing poorly designed websites to professionally designed websites. Can you not see how the effects all other SEO aspects? UX, time on page, bounce rates, speed, mobile friendly etc Also WP sites are more likely created by pro's are more likely to be running ongoing SEO activity, back linking activity etc than a novice on a Wix site. If you know about SEO and factor that in when designing a Wix website and conduct ongoing SEO you can compete for competitive keywords on Google. Yes there are some technical aspects that cannot be addressed on Wix currently, but it is an always progressing platform with weekly updates happening to the technology. For most SME a Wix website can compete and I have cases studies that confirm this vs handcoded, WP, Weebly, Squarespace.

  4. Wix and sqaurespace are aweful because of how limited they are when trying to customize things.

    WordPress is so much better to use when you want to do something specifically.

    I don't take on clients who have either of those two. They're too much of a headache

  5. Hey Sam, I am not a much of a talker, so I usually don't comment on your videos, but hey I watch all of them or almost all them. 🙂 I must say the knowledge you share via your videos is incredible, and I'm sure people out there spending 100s or 1000s of $ for the same knowledge… BUT, I'd have a request/favor to ask – I was hoping if you could create a video on finding expired domains using Ahrefs… I would REALLLLY appreciate your help.

    Keep the knowledge coming and let the dummies like me become expert 😉


  6. Very much needed video. I agree with your conclusions, but there is a factor that people with WordPress tend to spend money on SEO as a-pose to WIX which is offen people just making a quick website themselves, thus effecting the data.
    But I think you accounted for this with then mean. 👍

  7. Thank you so much for the thorough analysis. As I've been getting my feet we in SEO I've been asking this question with no clear. You provided enough information for me to make my own conclusion, it depends on what your goal is on which will work better for SEO. You rock Sam & Ahrefs.

  8. Great Video! Please do a WIX vs SQUARESPACE video like this as it'll be more like Apples vs Apples. We need to keep in mind WIX and WordPress users have very different needs. One wants to get up a quick website without little skills and as you say, probably uses it for branding (with support from social media traffic) and the other wants to dominate the Web 😛
    Anyway, useful information and I'll pass it onto my audience.

  9. I have highly ranked a WIX site in a fairly competitive space in the local market. I am picking up another client who has a Wix site. We are going to start with what we have and go from there. I’ll keep you posted.

  10. I personally do not work SEO with customers that own a WIX website, it has too many limitations that make the work super time consuming and don't always get the expected results.

  11. I'm a wix expert. I have designed my website and my clients website on wix. I did feel the SEO work was limited before they updated, now I can add schema tags and add canonical. I didn't face much difficulty in ranking my clients websites.

  12. True! I work with both, WIX and WORDPRESS, same business and same marketing approach. WIX has 600 access per month and WORDPRESS has 9.5K access per month. It does not mean that it will convert that much, but it converts better than WIX.
    In my experience, if you don't have any experience on webmaster/webdesigner, or, if you are running your own business and want to build some quick website, WIX is much easier.
    If you have some webmaster/webdesign knowledge, or, if you are quick learning. Go with WORDPRESS.

  13. Hey, Sam. Ahrefs got many fans in China. Will you come to China to attend the Shenzhen SEO Conference in the middle of July. It is a great Chance to promote your business in China

  14. I only use wix for not only my website but for my clients as well. I have several websites that rank #1 Globally for many different business categories and keywords / phrases. It all comes down to knowing how to do seo properly. I choose wix over anything else.

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